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This is the web site for Rocket Science and Technology, operated by Charles Hoult. RST provides free analysis tools for the serious amateur rocket designer and university rocket engineering student. Most RST codes consist of a MS Excel file that generates numerical results plus one, or more, MS Word documents documenting the theoretical basis for the corresponding Excel file. These codes were developed over several years to support various student rocketry projects at two California State University campuses, Long Beach (CSULB), including competitions managed by the Experimental Sounding Rocket Association (ESRA), and other projects funded by the California Launch Vehicle Education Initiative (CALVEIN), and Los Angeles (CSULA).
Engineering Rockets
Written for the 2009 ESRA banquet
by Janet Hoult

Now that our rockets are back down on earth
We gather for our banquet with great delight and mirth
And to talk about apogees, nose cones and tail fins
Burn outs, launch rails and problems with winds
The causes of the difficulties with the ignition
And the end of another terrific IREC competition

We knew we had completed well engineered tasks.
Yet the question was raised - "Who won?" was asked.
The answer is "We all did." by learning from each other
And knowing that we'll spend the year preparing for another
As we learn to build, test, perfect and eventually fly
More experimental sounding rockets up in the sky.


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This website is dedicated to Dr. Janet Cameron Hoult, my wife, soul mate and boon companion. She has been a den grandmother to a whole generation of aerospace engineering students who have gained much from her insights, warmth and wisdom.